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About the Store

For years, clients in our art therapy programs have enjoyed exhibiting their work in various community settings, including galleries, churches, universities, and hospitals.  In addition to these showings, many clients have expressed a strong desire to sell their artwork, both locally and nationally. They are excited to share their artistic talents with the greater community, earn supplemental income, and learn the vocational skills necessary to marketing themselves as professional artists.

Sale of Client Work and Client Confidentiality

Participating clients have chosen the sales price for each artistic piece, and will receive 100% of that price. ATI has added a small percentage to account for shipping, handling and overhead. 

Clients always have the right to decide how much personal information they want to share with this online community. Some clients may choose to be anonymous, while others are excited to share their names, pictures, and personal stories with their buyers. First and foremost, ATI respects all client decisions regarding levels of confidentiality.

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